Root Canal Therapy

Save Your Infected Tooth in Williamstown, NJ

Root Canals in Williamstown, NJ

When do you need a root canal? If you have intense dental discomfort, pain that lingers, pus, abscess and swelling, you may need to have a root canal treatment.

The inside of your teeth is alive with nerves and blood vessels. When this tissue becomes infected, both your tooth and general health are threatened. Yes, you could lose the tooth, but you could also develop a systemic infection that can render serious consequences.

Dr. Iris may be able to save your tooth at Iris Dental Arts with a root canal. Contrary to many patients’ expectations, a root canal actually stops discomfort rather than causing it. Dr. Iris will remove the infected tissue inside of your tooth, relieving discomfort as well as halting the infection.

If you have discomfort in your mouth or any other dental infection symptoms, contact us right away at (856) 728-3519. Iris Dental Arts offers same-day emergency appointments for quick care.