Mini Implants

Mini Implants are an Option in Williamstown, NJ

Dental Mini Implants in Williamstown, NJDental implants offer amazing benefits to patients suffering from tooth loss. Dental implants anchor into the bone beneath your gums. This anchoring is what makes them so stable and secure. However, many patients have experienced bone loss and no longer have the required underlying bone to receive traditional dental implants.

Dr. Iris and her team at Iris Dental Arts have the solution for you. She is certified in providing mini implants. Mini dental implants do not anchor as deeply as regular implants. This means patients can have a less invasive procedure to receive solid, durable dental implants.

Mini implants can also serve as anchor points to stabilize dental appliances like dentures or bridges. With this setup, you’ll enjoy more secure dentures that will not slip when you speak or eat.

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