Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Care in the Williamstown, NJ Area

Emergency Dentistry in Williamstown, NJWaiting weeks for help is not an option when you’re in great discomfort. That is why Iris Dental Arts makes same-day appointments available for dental emergencies. Dental infections, broken teeth, missing crowns or bridges, and any other dental emergencies are handled promptly by Dr. Iris at Iris Dental Arts.

Remember, dental emergencies can be more than uncomfortable – they can threaten your oral and overall health. Prompt attention can help save a tooth or prevent an infection from spreading. So when you have:

  • Intense discomfort or pain
  • Bleeding or pus in your mouth
  • Swelling of the oral tissues
  • Broken tooth

…call us immediately at (856) 728-3519. We will ensure that you are seen quickly and professionally.